·      1. Enrolment
Enrolment forms are available from the director during the year. Children from three years of age may attend the preschool.  All children should be toilet trained (contact the Preschool if you have any concerns or questions).
When the preschool has full enrolment, children’s names will be added to a waiting list. Parents will be contacted when a position becomes available.
Children attending school in the following year have first priority on the waiting list.  It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the preschool has a current address and contact details.
Contact the Preschool for a copy of the enrolment form to be emailed to you.

·   2. What to bring each day
·      Healthy morning tea, lunch and drink clearly labelled with child’s name.  Please do not send lollies, chocolates or chips.
·      Water is the preferred drink.
·      Please notify the preschool if your child has any allergies so we can implement appropriate policies and procedures.
·      A bucket style sun hat (upon enrolment each child will be given a Preschool hat).
·      A change of clothes in case of water play or accidents.
·      One small sheet for rest time.
All items taken to preschool should be clearly marked with your child’s name.  All unclaimed items are put in a lost property box.  Please look in the box at any time if you are missing any items.

·      3. Arrival and Departure 

To ensure your child’s safety and to comply with government regulations, parents are advised that children must be brought into the preschool room and not just dropped outside.

a)   You must sign your child into preschool on the daily sign on sheet.
b)   Help your child to find his/her cubbyhole. 
c)    Put your child’s lunch box in the large fridge in the kitchen. Please note NO CHILDREN allowed in the kitchen.
d)   Help your child to find an activity … let your child know  that you are leaving and say goodbye.
If your child requires medication, please advise a staff member, complete the necessary details on the medication sheet, and hand the medication to a member of staff.

a)  All children are to be off the premises by 3.30pm and sign your child out. 
b)   Please check your child’s information pocket daily.
c)    Children must be dropped off and collected by their parents or by an authorised person (over 18) listed on the enrolment form.  
d)   It is the parents’ responsibility to inform the preschool of any changes to this contact list.
In the event of a child not being collected within a reasonable time, the preschool will contact the parents, then the authorised contacts on the enrolment form. 

·      4. Immunisation
When enrolling your child, the director is required to file a copy of any immunisation records.  The ACIR Immunisation History Statement is required before starting Preschool. This can be accessed via your My Gov account and entering the Medicare link.
Parents will be advised of any contagious disease outbreaks.
In the case of an outbreak of a contagious disease for which vaccinations are available, children not immunised must remain at home for the duration of the outbreak, with no refund of fees.
General Health and Well-being of your Child

 Click this link which provides a guide as to when your child should not attend preschool.  The preschool may require a medical certificate to confirm that your child may return to preschool.  

·      5. Additional Needs
Yamba Preschool endeavours to provide for the needs of all children.  We accept all children regardless of diverse circumstances.  Children with additional needs will be supported through close consultation with parents/carers and specialist personnel and  the provision of  appropriate resources.