Centre policies provide a sound framework within which parents, staff and children may interact on a co-operative and equitable basis. They help guide the practices within our centre and help parents make informed decisions in regard to the expectations of our service and the quality of care to their children.
Yamba Preschool’s policies are  displayed in the locker room in the Policy and Procedures Folder. We welcome your feedback at any time. Policies are reviewed regularly and new policies are developed with input from families, management and staff.

Below is a list of  current  Yamba Preschool  policies and procedures:

Absences Policy
Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy
Access to Staff by Parents Policy
Anaphylaxis Policy
Arrivals and Departures Policy  
Asthma  Management Policy
Child Protection Policy
Child Safe Environment  Policy
Children with Additional Needs Policy
Cleaning and Maintaining the Environment Policy
Clothing Policy
Complaints and Feedback  Policy
Confidentiality Policy
COVID-19 Policy
Custody Disputes Policy
Determining the Responsible Person Policy
Diabetes Management Policy
Emergency and Evacuation Policy
Emergency Contacts Policy
Enrolment and Orientation Policy
Environmental Sustainability Policy
Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Policy
Excursion Policy
Family Participation Policy
Family Values Policy
Fee Policy
First Aid Policy
Governance   and Management Policy
Harassment Free Workplace Policy
Hygiene Policy
Illness and Infectious Disease Policy
Immunisation Policy
Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy
Indoor and Outdoor Environment Policy
Interactions with Children  Policy
Medical Conditions Policy
Medication Administration Policy
Multicultural Policy
No Sexism Policy
Nutrition Policy
Parents Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs
Physical Activity and small screen  Policy
Privacy Policy
Programming Policy
Road Safety Policy
Safe Sleep and Rest Time Policy
Safe Storage of Dangerous Goods Policy
Smoke Free Environment Policy
Staff Code of Conduct
Staff Development and Training Policy
Staffing Policy
Staff Grievance Policy
Staff Recruitment Policy
Sun Protection Policy
Supervision Policy
Transition to School Policy
Volunteers Policy  
Water Safety Policy
Workplace Health and Safety